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Jack Pine Releases Solo Debut: "Lone Wolf EP" 

Stepping back from the warm comfort of The Fire, Ottawa artist Jack Pine (Gareth Auden-Hole) announces the release of his solo debut, the four song Lone Wolf EP, released September 25th, 2015.  The EP's launch date was marked by a Dual CD Release event at St.Albans Church in Ottawa, ON, with The John Punch Band also releasing their first full-length album (recorded by Auden-Hole). 

Singer-Songwriter-Producer Gareth Auden-Hole (aka Jack Pine) teamed up with co-engineer and talented multi-instrumentalist Anders Drerup at his Church of Sound Studio in Kinburn, ON to record four of Pine’s original songs in a day.  The result is a delightfully raw, live-off-the-floor recording that makes full use of the ambient acoustics, heralding the solar powered studio’s former life as a stone chapel.  The songs feature Jack Pine’s deep-seated respect for nature, wry sense of humour, empathy for the underdog, and thinly veiled sensitivity through a unique contemporary mix of folk and roots song styles.

Songs from the new "Lone Wolf" EP 

Here's a quick teaser of what's to come when Jack Pine releases his debut solo EP, "Lone Wolf", on September 25th, 2015....

LONE WOLF  Mandolin strings are struck with the dynamic intensity and driving rhythms that Jack Pine has become known for, ending with a powerful howl and the softly sung words “I don’t want to scare you away”.  Jack Pine sings the praises of the wolf inside him without quite realizing that perhaps he’s the only one that fears it.

WARMING UP  Here a softly plucked mandolin and Drerup’s swelling electric guitar frames a tale of the man at the end of the bar.  He’s there every night and realizes that he’s missed out there in the world, but as the haunting chorus repeats, the voices in his head keep telling him “I don’t belong there”.  

MAKE UP OR BREAK UP  A warning bell for an ongoing human attack on the environment.  Mother Nature’s defenses are already in play; and as the song’s title suggests, unless we step up and start working with her rather than against her, we will eventually lose that war.  So, “who’s gonna make up the time that’s been lost?  Who’s gonna take up the cause and it’s cost?”  

WAITIN’ ON THE RAIN  Written in a late summer heat wave that’s overstayed its welcome, here Jack Pine begs the skies to open up and wash it all away….”Please, please, please come soak me to the bone…turn the roads into a river, turn this heat into a shiver.”



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